Dexta Daps Asks Ladies Not To Take His Hit Single ‘Breaking News’ Literally

Dancehall heartthrob Dexta Daps is asking the ladies to not take his new single Breaking News so seriously. Over the weekend on Mother’s Day, the singer joined his musician colleagues Konshens, Kemar Highcon and Gyptian for a live performance at the ‘For Mothers and Others’ concert produced by Djenne Greaves.

During his performance when the band fired up the acoustics for his Breaking News ballad, the singer gladly obliged and teased the intro. A few seconds in, he ‘pulled up’ the song to somewhat clear the air before continuing.

“From weh day yah mi see some oman a try some stunts. Mi say it aready and mi a guh say it again, don’t try put nuttn in a di man lunch, mi see dem a use bleach, see dem a use peroxide … to baxide uno nuh see wha gwan,” he said while looking at the band members.

The Bring It To The Owner singer happens to be referring to several videos that he has been sharing on his Instagram page since the release of the track.

Famed dancer Rebel, IG comedian World Dawg as well as other fans have all made funny spoofs and reenactments of their interpretation of the song’s lyrics. The hilarious skits scenarios female characters adding ‘poison’ to their partners meals to World Dawg dramatically falling to his death after consuming two serves of rice from a box lunch.

Daps said he doesn’t want to be held responsible for women poisoning their spouses, as the lyrics in the song suggests them to do when their guys start acting up.

Half way through the performance, he broke again to reiterate his requests, “Is a empty threat and uno know it, is a threat weh everybody a go find humorous, dem know seh nu woman nah really a go do it. If you listen to the rest of the song, you know weh its all about though, cah we against abuse overall.”

The deejay has been trying earnestly to restore his good name. Ever since his social media brawl with comedian and MC Wally British about his misunderstood views on domestic violence, Dexter has been taking every opportunity to voice his reproach with violence against women.

His single Breaking News is also an attempt to confirm his stance on the topic. Now with fans, women in particular, taking his lyrics literally, Dexta has a whole new set of indictments to doctor.

Still taking things lightly and encouraging everyone to do the same, Daps told his fans, they can continue sending the videos and he will post them.


Source: Dancehallmag

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