Dexta Daps Announces New Album & Visual Series ‘VENT,’ Watch The First Episode

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New music is on the way from Dexta Daps, who made the official announcement about a new album and released the first episode of its visual series.  The album, called VENT, will be released in July and follows Dexta’s debut album, INTRO which was released in 2017.

The dancehall artiste said in an Instagram post yesterday, “2020 has been a challenging year for us all…we all have our own ways of VENTING and today I will start to reveal mine through songs and visuals off my new album “VENT” which will be released later this July…”

The caption appears alongside the artwork for the album.Daps spoke a bit more about it during an Instagram Live video while previewing the episode for the first singleS off the album, titled VENT – Episode 1. “HEARTLESS” which was released today July 1st.

In a very animated video, he explained how much he wanted to please his fans with good music while he enjoyed a few drinks with his crew. He also played a short clip from VENT, telling his fans, “Just look out for fire!”

It seems he intends to release some songs off the album, which he calls episodes a bit at a time before releasing the full album. According to the write up on the video:

“Inspired by his forthcoming album VENT, Dexta Daps stars in the season premiere of his new original visual series – Vent. In this first episode entitled Heartless, we meet Dexta and his Bride-To-Be at the altar. As he begins to share his vows, he finds himself reminiscing about her deceitful ways. Before saying I do, Dexta confronts her ulterior motives. What could have caused him to possibly leave His Bride-To-Be standing at the altar in a state of dismay? Stay Tuned….”

He does not say when in July the album can be expected but a few more of these videos will surely be featured before the release.

Heartless was directed by Rahim Visram and features two songs in one, the first is Leave Her Alone and the other is the title track Vent, which was produced by DropTop Records, who he also thanked in his Instagram Live video helping him out.

It opens with a church scene in which Dexta is sitting contemplating his next move. His vocals are strong as he opens with “ Girl I feel for you like the rain.” He gives a fantastic singing performance and challenges his vocal range as he says: “She’s like the fire, she bun him like a lighter.”

The beat is definitely dancehall but his vocals give it an R&B appeal and even though it’s a song that focuses on a relationship gone sour it has a very romantic finish.
The video flashes forward to another beat, this is the teaser for Vent, that’s even slower and Dexta once again croons about how much he’s been hurt by this love. The same model from the first part of the video is seen in this part leaving their spacious home to be with another man. The pain is evident in his voice and the message that he delivers telling her it’s better for her to get out.

The production of the video is impeccable and it brings the songs to life. It definitely leaves fans wondering what’s next in the series and what he has up his sleeve for the full album.
Source: Dancehallmag
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