Detainees suspected to have coronavirus

Jamaica News: Two detainees are being reported to be suspected of having the coronavirus (COVID-19). The detainees are said to have been transferred to the Central Village Police Station in St Catherine which has caused a high raise tension in the facility from both workers and officers.
It is being reported that the test results are pending to confirm whether or not the symptoms that the two men are having are relative to COVID-19.
The detainees are now being housed in was assigned for female detainees, who were moved earlier on Tuesday to the Bridgeport Police Station, which is also in St Catherine.
The staff members were shocked by the development as they were not advised of the situation. It is understood that police personnel at the station have indicated an unwillingness to work with the detainees, and have said they will not be reporting for regular duties on Wednesday.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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