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Desiree – Model Slain in Jamaica Funeral, Mother Gives Powerful Eulogy

December 23, 2017 – Mckoy’s News (Jamaican News) 

Queens, New York – Andrea Cali-Gibbon stood stoic – looking from the podium, down at her murdered daughter, Desiree Gibbon’s closed casket – and bravely celebrated her daughter’s life, just two days before Christmas on December, 23, 2017.

Struggling for composure, Cali-Gibbon said she did not regret letting Desiree travel to Jamaica.

Desiree Gibbon was found badly bruised, with her throat slashed open in Jamaica. Joining the list of women massacred to death in 2017, in the blood stained western parishes of Jamaica.

New York Woman Brutally Stabbed Dead in Jamaica

She was Jamaican

Andrea Cali-Gibbon echoed a reminder. ” She was wanted to be there, ” “she was Jamaican. She had been there times. Maybe seven or eight times…with her siblings and many of her friends.” Admitting her own fear, that she did not know how to go on now and she would need everybody to help her live.

Gairy Gibbon, a native of Jamaica and Andrea Cali-Gibbon allowed their daughter to celebrate her Jamaican heritage since her childhood; which explained her being on the island (which was more likely as special as a second home to the family).

The slain model was familiar with the tourist areas of Montego Bay, St James where her grandmother owns a small hotel, where she was staying.

On the night of her murder she trustingly left home without her purse and just her cellphone, wearing slippers. And was later found dead, on the outskirts of the safety of the tourist community.

At her funeral her mom celebrated her.

Desi, as her parents and friends call her, was remembered as a person who loved life, and had the most forgiving heart.

A Better Person than Me

Désirée Gibbon's parents devastated

“Desiree lived life,” her mom celebrated. “She loved life. She loved people. I have to admit it, she is a better person than me. She had a very forgiving heart….she could forgive and forget. ” Her mother said.

The model slain in Jamaica was born a “star,” according to earlier admittance by her relatives. She was in Montego Bay, Jamaica trying to independently earn enough money to attend film school in Europe, with intentions of becoming a film director. She was found murdered in Anchovy, St James, miles from Montego Bay – just four days before her return trip to the US.

The broken mother said she realized that Desi belonged to everyone, not just her, or her husband Gairy or her sisters.

Cali-Gibbon said her daughter was searching for “her own” fame and fortune. “She didn’t know she already had it.”

An Adventurous Girl

” She was an adventurous girl, she traveled the world. She didn’t want to go to the touristy areas of anywhere she went.”

“She wanted to go to the heart of the county and see what it was really like.” Continued her Mother.

Police in Jamaica, although have told the parents that they are looking into a person of interest, have not yet arrested anyone for her Desiree Gibbon’s murder.

Her mother earlier stated that she is sure that Desiree was killed by someone she knew well, and not a random act of violence.

Gairy Gibbon, and his wife Andrea Cali-Gibbon, stood together in black as pallbearers lead their daughters body outside the catholic church she was baptized in and received first communion.

Desiree’s body was taken to Queens, New York crematorium.

Originator of this story is NY Daily News

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