Depressed And Needs Help

Dear Mckoy: Depressed And Needs Help–  I have been following your news for some time now.  Keep up the good work.

I am having a problem that has been affecting me dramatically over the years.  I trouble with depression.

It becomes so bad that some times I literally feel like giving up on life.
I have made an attempt on two occasions to commit suicide because it has become too much.   But was rescued by my boyfriend.
Who I believe is starting to get a little frustrated with my constant depressed behavior.

I try to be normal and live a normal life around my friends and family but my depression is becoming more severe.
I need help.

Mandy.  St Catherine.

Dear Mandy: Thank you very much for your kind words. Our team greatly appreciates your support.

I understand clearly what you are going through. It has become the norm in Jamaica where 10 out of every 100 Jamaicans are suffering from depression while over 300 million are suffering from depression worldwide, But what I would suggest is that you try speaking with your doctor who should be better able to refer you to a Psychiatrists that deals with depression issues. In doing so they should be able to provide you with Psychotherapy treatment or advice that should be able to decrease your level of depression.
Be strong.

All the best.

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