There was chaos and widespread panic among the students and staff at the Morant Bay High School yesterday after what is being described as a ‘demonic attack’ broke out among the students, forcing an early closure of school.

According to reports, students noticed a change in the behaviour of one child. The unusual conduct quickly spread to some five other students, who were all behaving wildly and attempting to hurt themselves.

Speaking to THE WEEKEND STAR, principal Dr Dalton Shaw admitted that there was a strange disruption.

“Something happened that was unforeseen and beyond our control. The students began behaving strangely. I can’t say it was a demonic attack because I’m not in a position to,” he said.


Shaw explained that while on the compound, he heard an uproar coming from one of the classrooms and went to investigate.

“When I got there, I noticed a student was behaving in an unusual manner. I don’t know what it was but we couldn’t communicate with the student. The behaviour began spreading to other students around the compound, so I made the decision to get the other students away from the situation by dismissing school,” he said, adding that the parents of the affected students were called to accompany them home.

However, a member of staff shared that the unusual behaviour began last week.

“Last Thursday, a girl was possessed. She was in her second form classroom and said someone pushed her from the back who she thought was a friend or something. From then, she wasn’t feeling well. She even fainted and they brought her to the nurse,” the staff member said. “That’s when everything started. She started acting weird and speaking ill against the institution saying it’s cursed and that this is just the beginning. Her friends started crying. After that it was pure chaos.”

The staff member added that the student even began hitting the nurse and a teacher.

The school’s chaplain visited the school to pray and to speak with her family, after which she was sent home because, according to our source, they thought she was delivered.

But the member of staff told THE WEEKEND STAR that the same student was among others who were allegedly possessed by demons yesterday.

“A lot was happening. One of the student’s mother came and wrapped her head in a red cloth and rubbed her down with rum and another substance that was in a bottle. She started to dance with her until she became calm,” the person said. “Another student was writing something on the ground that read ‘It big here tomorrow’, and then she shouted something about killing the principal and then drew a cross and a grave on a piece of paper. Another girl was jumping on the rail and rolling on the ground,” the source revealed.

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