Deliveryman Kicked to his Death from Motorcycle, on Waterloo Road

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): The police are now in search of a motorcyclist who reportedly kicked a motorcycle deliveryman to his death, following their involvement in dispute along a section of Waterloo Road, on Wednesday.

The dead motorcycle deliveryman has been identified as 51-year-old Fitzroy Grant, bearer of Braeton in Portmore, St Catherine.

Reports by the police are that, Grant and another motorcyclist got involved in an argument in the vicinity of Mega Mart Stores along Waterloo Road.

During the dispute the motorcyclist became boisterous and dipped for his waist, resulting in Grant who was in fear of his life jumping on his motorcycle and sped away.

Grant was chased by the angry motorcyclist, who caught up to him along a section of the roadway and kicked his bike, resulting in Grant loosing control and crashing into a utility pole.

Grant sustained severe injuries and died on the spot, meanwhile the police were summoned and upon arrival, Grant was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.

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