Deisel, A Jamaican Love Story – Part 5

First Episode - DEISEL
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This fictional series contain the names of characters, places, events and a storyline that exists only in the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual events, persons alive or not is a coincidence. 

This publication is intended for readers who are twenty-one years of age or older and was created only for entertainment.

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, duplication or copying of any part of this publication in any form or by whatever means is strictly prohibited unless consent is given by the author.

Individuals pictured are models and are used for illustrative purposes.



The Complete Series

2019 ©    All rights reserved.



Episode 5


“Where you get tulips from, Elan?”

He edged closer.  “This flower shop in Mandeville.”

I wiped my cheeks.  It was as if my tears were contagious because Elan started crying too.   “They’re lovely.  Smell really nice.”

Now, I was in his arms.  “So, how are you doing now, babes?” he whispered. “Really love you, Deisel.   You’re the only person in this whole wide world who I care about.”

“You really mean that, Elan?”  I looked up into his eyes, my eyes batting away like that of a damsel in a movie.

I felt his hands on my behind, pulling me in so much closer to him to the point where not even air could come between us.

“Elan, no. Stop.”  I pulled away from him.  I liked the flavor of his tongue but I didn’t want to kiss him anymore, not until I know what’s my position, where do I stand in his life.

“You…don’t want us to do this?”

I only wanted to know if he was still going to migrate or not but so afraid I was to ask him.  I didn’t want another headache… couldn’t deal with another heartache, and I didn’t want to run out on the road again and do something silly.  I needed to have followed Doctor Koontz’s advice, which was to avoid stress and anything or anyone who would have caused it.

“Of course, I want us to do this and yes, we’re adults, but I’m in my Ma’s house.”

Of course, this wouldn’t have been a deterrent because Elan always seemed to know when my Ma would be gone to the market in May Pen or gone to Mandeville to by clothes material and thread to sew.  And Elan’s timing was always right; that sly old fox knew exactly when was the best time to come to my yard.  We never got caught.  Yes, we never got caught, but Ma wasn’t an idiot.  Whenever Elan puts me right, enchantment and thrill would spill off my cheeks, and I would have been the happiest and most satisfied young lady in Jamaica, until it was time for him to put me right again.  ‘You better don’t make that boy breed you’, Ma would always forewarn.   But as much as I loved Elan, I wasn’t sure of him anymore.  The sooner I programmed my mind to detach, the easier for me it would have been when he leaves if he’s cruel enough to.

“You know, I’m sorry, Deisel, for pushing things.  I should have waited until you’re fully recovered.”

“Well, yeah, you probably should wait until I recover fully before trying to take my clothes off.  You have all the time in the world, Elan.  I ain’t going nowhere.”  I folded my arms and looked up into his eyes. I raised a brow.

He pursed his lips.

Now, mine were pouted.

He looked toward the ceiling.

I started tapping my big toe, making sure he could hear it drumming against the hollow wooden floor.

And, yes, I waited so desperately for that man to say something because I was so getting ready to throw his bouquet of tulips through my front door.  And, yes, if his bouquet of tulips got kicked through that door of mine then he was going to be kicked through that door too.  I remember doing this to him once when he ‘formed fool’ with me.  I needed it so badly after not seeing him for two months because he went to Trinidad on this university trip. And then he came in here, acting up like some silly car that wouldn’t start on a winter morning.

Say something, Elan, I said in the back of my mind, my toe tapping away on that wooden floor.  I still had my arms folded.  Now my head started hurting.


“Yes, Elan?”

He walked toward me.

I drifted, like an untied boat at a shore.

“Come here, honey,” he tried to hug.

I looked around in my house.  I saw this pot cover.  And then I saw this old baseball bat.  He followed my eyes.  And then our eyes met again.  It was as if I knew the crap Elan was going to tell me.  I desperately took this deep breath in and I desperately thought about asking him if he wanted me to cook him some red peas soup.  Not that I knew how this thing worked because Marcy didn’t get to tell me how it worked.  But, nah.  I wouldn’t have done that silly crap.  I never believed in those silly myths anyway.

“Deisel, I’ll never leave you.”

I smiled as if I saw butterflies in his pretty dark eyes.

“I’ll come back, Deisel.  I promise.”

“Come back?  So, you going somewhere, Elan?”  My tears flowed like the little river across the Porus road. “How much time you’re going to make me cry, Elan? Damn it!”

“I know, honey. I know.”

“Let me go, Elan. Leave my house!  I’m serious. Come…on…let me go,” I forced out, pushing his lips from off mine.  “Let go off my hand, Elan!!!  LET ME GO!!!”

“Deisel. Deisel. Come on.  Stop being so…”

And just when I was about to force that right knee into his groin…

“Elan… What is this?”  He slipped that thing on my left finger so fast.   Now, my entire body started to quiver.

That handsome brat went on his knees.  I wondered if there was this never-ending well of tears somewhere inside me.

“Deisel, you’re going to wear this ring until I return, exactly one year from now.”

Down on his knees, he must have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, well apart from that shiny ring he had just placed on my finger.

“You mean, we’re engaged,” I breathed.

“Yes. Dearest.”

A lot of things started jumping inside of me but I wasn’t able to do what I really needed to do to him at that moment.

“Promise me one thing, Elan.  Promise me you’ll never make one of those foreign girls touch you, not even the pretty air hostess on that plane who has ‘real’ long brown hair.”

“You’ll always keep this ring on.  It’s going to be tough but it will only be for 12 months.  Just look at that ring every single day, Deisel.”

“I will,” I cried.

“I’ll write you, I’ll call you, I’ll send things for you.  I won’t see another woman.”

“Elan, my period ends in the next four or five days…”

“Great.  So, we’ll go by that lake, the moon our only company. Only the moon will be our witness.  Only the moon will keep our secrets.  I’m going to leave a part of me inside of you so that we will forever remain attached.”

“You, mean?”

“Deisel, I want to see that child of mine, walking or running around, when I come back here to Jamaica 12 months time. The wedding will happen when I get back here in Jamaica.  In no time, the three of us, you, me and the baby will be living overseas.”

“So, what if you make me have twin babies?”

He looked me in the eyes.  “Deisel, you’re something else.”

“I love you, Elan.”

“I live, only for you, and for my child that you’re about to carry, Deisel.”



The End Of Episode Five.

Come back next week to see what happens.





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