Deisel, A Jamaican Love Story – Part 10

First Episode - DEISEL
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Episode Ten

The Complete Series

  2019 ©    All rights reserved.



….Oh, yes, the footsteps got much louder.  I closed my eyes while holding my chest!  The white door of the restroom was suddenly pushed open!


“Marcy!  You scared the hell out of me, you know.”

She pushed the restroom door closed.  “DEISEL!!!”

“What’s with the shout, Marcy?”

She paused and then she swallowed. “You saw the way that man looked at you?”

“So, what?”

“That sucker is hot, Hott with a capital H and two Ts.”

“Come on, Marcy.  You’re overreacting.”

“That’s because him over hot.  And I’m overheating.”

“You’re an engine now, Marcy.”

“And mi ready for someone to pump up some rev!”  She made her rear end jiggle.

I choked out a laugh. “Girl, don’t kill me.  You’re too bad, too, too bad.  And by the way, you already have a date, the principal, right?”

She folded her arms without answering.

“Right, Marcy?”

“Well, I have a date but you don’t. You need to pull your dress an inch or two up and step out there with confidence,” she pointed.

“But, but…”


“MARCY!  Why you hitting my backside like that for?”

She rolled her eyes at me.  “Hurry.  I know you saw the way that waitress was all over him.  And she has a backside that’s bigger than ours combined!”

Ha, ha, ha, I grinned.  “You teach drama at school, right?”

“Gal, you don’t see the man’s car key?”

“What about it, Marcy?”

“It’s the type that can fold in and it has the star logo.”

“The… star… logo?”

“The man is Mr. Mercedes.”

“Mr. Who?”

“Girl, I’ve got to give you a lesson in cars, pretty cars.  I give him that name because of the type of vehicle he pushes.”

“Ok; I see.”  I folded my arms.

“Now, Deisel, you need to get out there and find out his real name. Claim him before anybody else does,” she pointed.  Damn, my best friend was weird but I somehow found her believable.

She opened the door of the restroom, using her nose to point me outside. “Stap thinking about Elan.  Him Naaw come back to Jamaica.”


“Alright, you want me to say that in English?  Take Elan off your mind.  He won’t be coming back to Jamaica,” she mocked.

I folded my fists.  I could thump this Jezebel.

She pointed her dark eyeballs to the doorway.


“You know I hate you, Marcy.”

“You’ll thank me for this someday.  Love you too, Deisel.”


I started making my exit from the restroom.  “Marcy, if you ever…”

“Ok, ok, I won’t hit your backside. But please, remember me when you get rich.  Hurry girl. Go out there and get that man’s attention, you hear me?”

“Yeah, right. Not my type anyways and I ain’t running after no man, sorry.”

Marcy did give me this cut-eye and she kissed her teeth.

“Plus, I need time to get over Elan. I can’t just jump into something else like that?”

“Deisel, if you ever call that damn boy Elan’s name one more time then…”

“I still love him.”

“And he still loves you too, huh!  He’s going to come back to Jamaica, from foreign and mount you up on his white horse.”

“No, he’ll come in a pretty rental car,” I joked.

“The horse sounds nicer.  You’ll have something to ride.”



“Anyways, I’ll be going back to the table,” I said.


And upon exiting the restroom…


It was as if my heart was at my mouth.  My legs got so weak.

It was him.  The Mercedes man, as Marcy would call him.  He stood there as if he had been waiting for me to exit the restroom….




The End Of Episode Ten.

Come back next week to see what happens.


This fictional series contain the names of characters, places, events and a storyline that exists only in the author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual events, persons alive or not is a coincidence. 

This publication is intended for readers who are twenty one years of age or older and was created only for entertainment.

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, duplication or copying of any part of this publication in any form or by whatever means is strictly prohibited unless consent is given by the author.


Individuals pictured are models and are used for illustrative purposes.


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