Dear Mckoy


Dear McKoy: Sleeping with My Man Identical Twin Brother

Dear Mckoy, Am 30 yrs old and am sleeping with my man identical twin brother. My man and I have been together 12yrs now and his identical twin and I been sleeping 8yrs but now I want to end the relationship between me and the brother but scared to  say it to him because he […]

Dear Mckoy: Pregnant for my Sister Baby Father

Dear Mckoy: Pregnant for my Sister Baby Father

Dear Mckoy, Am 19 yrs old and been having an affair with my sister babyfather who is 35 yrs old, my sister and I are very close and I know it will break her heart to find out but now I found out am 4 months pregnant with his baby and my sister and mom […]

Child Neglect

Dear McKoy: Runaway Mother Needs to Contact her Children

Dear McKoy, I know a woman who ran off to a small island with a man to start a new life. She left her then 9-month-old son with her eldest daughter and promised she would return to take her son. She has now been gone for 13 years and she is yet to return. She […]

Gossip (1)

Dear McKoy: Gossip at my Workplace

Dear McKoy, I am a regular reader of your columns. I have recently discovered that the supervisors at work have roundtable talks amongst themselves discussing the personal stories and issues of agents on the floor. I am caught between a rock and a hard place in that I have heard them myself but I don’t […]

HIV Positive

Dear McKoy: My Mom Found out My Girlfriend has HIV

Dear McKoy, I am currently dating a woman who has HIV.  I have not disclosed this to my family because I know how judgmental they can be. Recently I overheard my mother telling my father that she heard my girlfriend has HIV and she is going to ask me. I have been avoiding my mom […]

Mother Needs Help

Dear Mckoy: Angry with My Brother for Refusing to Help our Mom

Dear McKoy, I am the second of seven children for my mom. When my mom had her sixth child she struggled to provide everything he needed. His father never cared for him, everything he needed came from my mom. His father gave his all for his other children except my brother. Now my brother is […]

Love Rectangle

Dear Mckoy: Caught up in a Love Rectangle

Dear McKoy, I am caught up in a love rectangle. Yes I said rectangle! I am mixed up with three women. The first is educated, can’t cook, treats me well and hangs with my kids but like I said, she can’t cook! The second is a working class lady who works hard to provide for […]

Paternity Test

Dear McKoy: Should I Do a Paternity Test for my Son?

Dear McKoy, I am a single mom to a little boy. His father lost his life in a hit and run accident years ago when he was only a few weeks old. He always loved my child but the problem is that his mother insists that my son is not her grandchild and she refuses […]

Girl Angry

Dear McKoy: I Found out My Mother is My Grandmother

Dear McKoy, I recently discovered my mother is actually my grandmother. My so-called sister gave birth to me at the age of 15. She was not raped; she was just a bad little girl who wanted to be a woman. She never treated me well; she was always hateful towards me growing up. I always […]


Dear Mckoy: Blackmailed by my Lover

Dear McKoy, I found out that my husband was cheating on me last year and decided to get even, so I started a relationship with my neighbor not knowing that it would become such a disaster. He usually comes over when my husband leaves for work and we would spend hours together. After a while […]


Dear McKoy: Should I Reunite with My Philandering Husband?

Dear McKoy, I married the man of my life and left to live in the US, he had to stay behind until the paperwork came through. While in the US I was informed that my husband was sneaking around with a co-worker. I asked him about it and he said it was not true. I […]


Dear McKoy: A Case of Child Abuse

Dear McKoy, I am currently renting an apartment from an elderly woman whose 30-year-old daughter left her 8-year-old daughter on her to go off and start a new life. This elderly woman says she doesn’t like females and so she abuses this little girl and all her other children do the same. The little girl […]

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