Dear McKoy: Young Man Searching for Love

Dear McKoy: Young Man Searching for Love – Good day I’m a young individual in my 20’s searching for love I’m often taken for granted or seen as a player because of my image. My last relationship lasted for 7yrs in which I was blessed with a handsome son who’s now 4yr. His mother and I are separated now for a year ….. I’m down to earth and loyal person who is just looking to settle down and be with someone who wants to be with someone. I won’t lie abt my past I was quite a wild one back in the days but from my son came in the picture I started to look at life a bit different. I’m good at doing my job as a man and I’m not afraid to explore and also learn …. I’m not against young ladies but I’m not in the mood for one now. I think I’m way past the mature level of being with a young girl. I’m not looking for a mother but a lady who can take charge. I’ll be in the comments.




Dear K.G: Thank you for writing. I can see, however, that you are not seeking advice, you are searching for a partner. I wish you luck in your quest for love. 


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  1. It’s good when a man can take accountability for his actions. I hope you find what you’re looking for. It’s best to put God in the center

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