Dear Mckoy: Workers Robbing Me Secretly

Dear Mckoy: Workers Robbing Me Secretly–  I came across your website a few months ago and find it to be very interesting and a place that someone can freely express their guts and receive an effective response.

I am a small business owner who has been conducting my business for over 12 years in the parish of St. Catherine.

Since recent times business got a little slow as we know business goes up, and down at times then constant again. So with all that knowledge of business, I got a blind eye of my workers robbing me over the years.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago a young man came to my office seeking a job and because of the slowness I told him to keep in touch and I would contact him soon as business picks back up.

I informed my works of my new idea and prep alert them of the possibility of me employing the young man but they weren’t pleased with my decision.  So it placed me in a position to do a little internal check on my workers.  I didn’t like the results so I contact a very close business friend and was having the discussion when my friend asked me if I was running a family business because he noticed most of my workers are all families.

He then introduced me to his personal accountant who decided to do a general check on my account over the years of my business and it was brought to my attention that all the years my workers were robbing me but kept a close bond to blindfold me of their wolf in a sheep clothing.

I am not so sure how to handle the situation and business is too slow to reemploy new workers.


Dear Depressed: I can imagine the strain and confusing you must be going through at the moment.

What I would suggest is that you call up a very serious general meeting with all your workers including your accountant that discover your situation and have your discussion within that meeting.

I also suggest that if you haven’t already had security cameras installed in your business making your self the only access holder to it. I suggest you do so.  Especially where your cash is being handled.
As you stated they blindfolded you. Remember a wolf in sheep clothes always awaits the right opportunity to eat its prey.

Good Luck.

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