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Dear McKoy: Being Sexually Harassed By Boss



Being Sexually Harassed By Boss


Dear McKoy,

I have been working at a company for over a year now and I have been having issues with my boss. She has been harassing me sexually, however, I am afraid to stand up for myself because I fear that I might lose my job. Do you think I should leave my job?

– W.J.


Response: Dear W.I, I believe you should, first of all, make your boss aware that you are very uncomfortable with the sexual advances being made.

Make it clear that you need her to desist from the act. If it doesn’t stop then you could take it further by making a report against her and then you can take it further if required, such as to the Ministry of Labour.

You might want to start recording these advances and keeping a diary of the events, because it may be your word against hers, and at some point to protect your job and your job, you may need an attorney.

It is an unfortunate situation, but keep your head-up, and move smartly on the process you take going forward on the matter – McKoy

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

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