Dear Mckoy: Unpredictable Climax In Public

Dear Mckoy: Unpredictable Climax In Public-  I’m from an upscale area in the parish of St Elizabeth, where I grew up with my elderly parents who were of a very strict Christian belief, and so I wasn’t allowed to start having a boyfriend until I was about the age of twenty-two years old.
With that, I did not have any objections as their way of parenting thought me to be a very strong mind, respectful and disciplined woman.
I’m now 26 years of age and just started dating my first boyfriend and had my first sexual encounter.
With all that is said, I now face an embarrassing situation in which, I’m trying to figure out if it’s normal or if it could be of a medical dysfunction.
Ever since my first sexual encounter, I have not been at any peace with myself. I constantly keep having an unpredictable climax, and this happens anywhere at any time.
I discussed the situation with my boyfriend, and he is of the opinion that maybe because I took so long to become sexually active it’s playing a role on my egos.
I am seeking advice.
Thank you.
St Elizabeth.
Dear Climax
I have heard about and done research on such an event before. I have also had discussions on this topic with quite a few friends prior to receiving this letter.
In my research, I have deduced that it may be a sexual dysfunction. In the case that I have observed before, it was due to a heightened reception of externalities such as vibration.
I am not completely sure what maybe triggering your climaxes, however, it is nothing to be ashamed of. I would recommend seeking professional help, so they can do some level of consultations or tests to help you better manage and understand the situation.
-The Owl

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