Dear Mckoy: Twenty With 4 Children

Dear Mckoy: Twenty With 4 Children–  I am seeking help for my children.  I got my first child when I was 15 , now I am 20years old and the mother of 4 children.
None of my children fathers help me and neither do I know their exact wear about. I have numbers but whenever I call no answers.

It is very difficult for me on my own so I am seeking whatsoever help I can get.
Or your suggestions on how I could get help with my children.


Dear Mother:  Having four children at age 20 isn’t a condemnation.  You stated you have numbers for the father,  so I would assume you know their names.
What I suggest is that you go to the family court, explain your situation and the court will deal with the matter. 
I have emailed a personal contact info where you could speak with a team member,  where our team will aid you with whatever assistant we can.  In the process please to email us a contact number or text it to the number I have provided in the email.


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