Dear McKoy: Turned off from Oral Sex with My Boyfriend

Dear McKoy: My boyfriend and I have only been dating for about three months. Every partner I’ve had has always seemed to fulfill me during oral sex, but his lack of technique is a turn-off and immediately spoils the mood. We’ve tried various approaches, but I always end up bored out of my mind as he tries his hardest. We’ve reached a point where I’m not prepared to let him go down on me any longer since it’s ruining my mood. I despise being entered and not being satisfied orally. I’m sure he’s not happy about the situation, and I’d like to add more oral into our sex life as well, so I’m looking for any tips on how to improve his oral sex abilities.




Dear Anonymous: Trial and error is the only way to improve. He needs to put in some practice with someone, hopefully, that person would be you. If you love him and want to stay in the relationship, you will have to groom him your way. Many men do not devote much time to studying the female body. Most have little idea how vaginal organs and their associated parts work. Guide him accordingly, he may be focusing on the wrong areas, because various females have distinct locations in or around the vaginal area that respond to stimulation in different ways. Direct teaching from you and a willingness to learn from him is required to improve his skills. 


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