Dear Mckoy: Traumatized by my girlfriend’s mother

Dear Mckoy: Traumatized by my girlfriend's mother
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Dear Mckoy: I have been traumatized by seeing my girlfriend’s mother masturbate and I can’t look at her the same way.

This woman has been the greatest of the great, even treated me better than my mother has, and it has been a pleasure being her ‘son’, as that’s how she treats me.

I stay at her house at times and this lady never ceases to question my comfort, even feeds me like a grandmother would and for that I am forever grateful.

I praise her everyday, because my girlfriend is the exact product of her mother. My girlfriend pampers me, and we barely have issues.

There was this day, I was over at their house and like every time I’m there, I feel as if I am apart of their family. I offered to help them cook, but there wasn’t much ingredients to make what we were about to prepare, so my girlfriend took my car and went to grab the stuff. That left myself and her mother at the house.

I was aware that she was there, but she wasn’t in the kitchen or in the living room watching the television like she always would. Without knowing the current situation, I got up to check because I didn’t see her. That was the worst mistake I’ve made because I felt as if I’ve disrupted her privacy.

I’ve been welcomed into her room before, but it was strange because it had been seriously quiet. I didn’t look inside it, but something struck her to get up and close her room door. That’s when I saw her naked with a dildo in her hand, with the same shocked look on her face as I had.

She sheepishly looked away and hurried to close her room door, and from that things have changed. I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ or ‘turned on’ by the situation, I just felt guilty.

Days have passed and I think my girlfriend is suspecting that my feelings for her has changed, but I am scared to tell her the truth because of how easily angry she’ll get mad at me for what I saw. My feelings haven’t changed or anything and I think she has mistaken my guilt for something else.

Should I tell her?


Dear G,
Sadly, I think you will have to tell her it is affecting your behavior and relationship, so much so that your girlfriend is feeling it as well. You can either lose her because you’re keeping the secret or you can allow her to process the events herself.

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