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Dear McKoy: Torn Between my Degree and Pregnancy

Torn Between my Degree and Pregnancy

Torn Between my Degree and Pregnancy

Dear McKoy,

I have been studying really hard to finish my university degree, but I recently went to the doctor and I found out I am two months pregnant.

I have been wondering how I am going to manage life with my husband, a baby and school.

I am afraid to tell him I fear I won’t be able to bring this child into the world, be a wife, a mother and a student. You see the biggest problem is that when I had just done my diploma we had been trying to get pregnant with no luck, so I had decided to go for my degree.

Now in the midst of it all, I have found out I am expecting.

I fear that I might be letting myself down as well as my husband who has been yearning for a child for quite a while. How do I go about explaining my concern to him?

– A.M.


Response: Dear A.M, Let me, first of all, say congratulations on your soon to be degree and your pregnancy. You need not stress about all this. Take everything one day at a time. It is not uncommon for you to have these jitters. You have some time before your baby enters the world, you should sit with your husband and make him know how you feel. Pour out your heart to him and plan out how you will both try to balance out things. Best of luck! – Mckoy

Photo by Dc Lovensky on Unsplash

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