Dear McKoy: Torn Between My Boss and My Boyfriend

Dear McKoy,

I am in a long-distance relationship and recently started a fling with the CEO of the company I work with. I know it’s a dangerous game and I would hate for any of my colleagues to find out. He was the one who pursued me and I told him off the bat that my man lives in the United States, but he convinced me to have dinner with him at a very exquisite villa then we had sex. The wine and dine was unlike anything I had ever experienced but I guess that’s how it is with men with money. I like him and he likes me too. My boyfriend does not know about this and he would be heartbroken if he did cause he’s always talking about us getting married. My boss wants me for himself, but I would feel bad to leave my boyfriend just like that. He tries with me. He pays half of my bills and he’s very sweet. Obviously not as rich as my boss, but he does his best. Do you think I should keep juggling both of them or cut off one?


Dear Y.P.,

It is extremely unfair to your boyfriend to keep deceiving him. This man has been investing in you and sees a future with you. You need to let that man go so he can find someone who deserves him. If you think your boss is a better fit, then go ahead. Just a disclaimer, if it does not work out, do not run back to your current boyfriend. Be wise. 


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