Dear Mckoy: ‘Too Much Cream’

Dear Mckoy: I am in a relationship that is frustrating the hell out of me.  I am 42 years old and my partner is 35.  I don’t think he understands me sexually.

When we just got together he was a ‘rammer’, he knew nothing about foreplay.  The man didn’t even know if I cum or not, he thought delivering hard strokes was all.  I didn’t want to make him feel bad but I had to talk to him about me not being satisfied.  He said maybe I was getting old and cranky.  I made him watch foreplay videos and the power it has.

I started spending more time pleasing his body like eating fruits from his toes, licking popsicle from his nipples, and using cold mouthwash while performing oral sex.  A little after that he started trying little stuff until he got deeper and deeper.  The first time I squirted, the man cursed that I peed on him.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I had to let him read up about it.

One time he penetrated me so good and I creamed so much, the man going to say this is too much cream and it is a big turn off for him.  Now in all my days, I have never heard of a man complaining about too much cream.  I tried having patience with this man but I am fed up.


Dear Miss Creamy: It is a fact that not everyone has the same sexual expectations and experiences.  Some men do not fully understand their women’s bodies so it becomes difficult to offer satisfaction.  If you really like/love this guy, I suggest that you book a session with a sex counselor; that way you can express your issues and he can get expert advice.  All the best.

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