Dear McKoy: Thinking About Making My Teacher Take My Virginity

Dear McKoy: I have a crush on one of my teachers and he has a crush on me too. We’ve been flirting for a while and I am very tempted to make him take my virginity, but I’m afraid. I am 16 and he’s almost 30. He has a girlfriend but he says they’re not on good terms and I’m very mature. We talk about many things and he seems to really care about me. He even gives me money from time to time. I like him a lot. I’m sitting CSEC exams next year and he has promised to give me extra lessons for free. Do you think I should pursue a relationship with him?



Dear K.V.: Please focus on your studies. This man isn’t going to take you seriously. He probably just wants sex. You have your future ahead of you; do not throw it away. All the best in your exams and remember to stay focused. 


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