Dear McKoy: Tempted by My Sister’s Husband

Dear McKoy,

My sister’s husband has been coming on to me and I’m tempted to give in cause I’ve always liked him. Before they even got married, I was attracted to him but I figure he went for her cause she’s older and at the time she was more financially stable. He keeps flirting especially now that I’m better off in life. I want to give him a try but I don’t want to hurt my sister. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man so the temptation is real.

Should I do it one time just to satisfy my urge? Would that make me a terrible person?


Dear C.L.,

Do not betray your sister and possibly tear your family apart over temporary pleasure. There are other men out there who you can date. Don’t be malicious, please. We already have enough of those people in the world.


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