Dear McKoy: Taking People Man is My Hobby

Dear Mckoy: Mi know mi agu get nuff cussing from the women them, but I care less.  Everybody have them own fantasy and things that give them happiness.  Some things weird, some mad, some unbelievable and some just plain out a the box.  Well, mine a everything in one.

My greatest happiness come from taking people man….. mi just love doing it.  I do not want no man for myself.  The sweetest thing affi all hear a woman a boast bout how she can do har man good then mi just find the man and fix him up nice and propa.  Mi lubb all ask the man dem if dem woman bad suh and the reaction dem lick mi head man when the them seh no way.

Hear how mi dweet…. when mi meet the man them mi teck mi time fi find out  weh them want weh them woman nah duh….. then a dat mi duh.  Mi just love fi see them faces when mi a kill them wid di pleasure.   Right yah now mi a write, mi a wonda who fa man mi agu call.  The way how the man dem love mi, mi get nuff money and gifts from them.

Right now mi have mi best friend husband and mi cousin man pon mi list.  Mi best friend nuh stop brag bout she a di only woman fi de man.  Mi nuh tap laugh after har cause she waah fi hear when har man a seh him wish she did stylish like mi.

Man Tecka


Dear Miss Man Tecka: It is so unfortunate that someone who is so ‘stylish’ as you describe yourself has to resort to this kind of lifestyle; you should have one partner to share it all with.

This is not safe nor healthy for you.  You are moving on a path of self-destruction as this behavior is not only risky but deadly.  That lady is not your best friend at all; you cannot do such unscrupulous deeds to your best friend.  Habits can be broken and I hope you get help and stop before one of these females get to you.


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