Dear Mckoy: ‘Submissive and Loving It’

Dear Mckoy: 'Submissive and Loving It'
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Dear Mckoy: ‘Submissive and Loving It’ – I am a 35 years old Accountant who works with a popular Accounting firm.  It so happens that my boss is my boss both at work and at home.  We have been together for 4 years going on.  People would see us and think we are prim and proper but they would be shocked to see us at home.

My boss pays for a nice apartment for me to live in.  I am very submissive to him and the main thing I love about him is that he is a disciplinarian at home.  The first time we got intimate, I was being an aggressor which he had no part of.  He scolded me and punished me that night by withholding my orgasm for about two hours.  Mckoy, that man tied me to a chair and left me hanging.

Now I learn to use the words please and thank you at home or I will receive some form of punishment (like slaps, bites,  being tied up, being caged in or being ignored).  I can only wear thong underwear at home unless he states otherwise.  I have to refer to him as sir in the bedroom or else I will be punished.  The strange thing is that I love every moment of it.  Sometimes I will be a bad girl just to get punished.  I love being submissive to my boss.


Dear PJ
This is quite interesting.  If that’s what makes you happy, then so be it.  Just exercise caution in your adventures or punishments.

Dear Mckoy

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