Dear Mckoy: Stilettos Are My Lovemakers

Dear Mckoy: I am a 42-year-old woman living in New York and I am a cougar to my heels.
From the age of 18, I developed this extreme love for high heeled shoes.  Whenever I saw women flaunting those very high heels, I would feel my underwear getting moist.   I would go in stores and just go to the shoes isles and fantasize about making love to those heels.
One day I purchased a very high silver stiletto (those that strippers wear), brought it in my bed and made the most passionate love to it.  That heel did things to my body that I know no man nor woman can do.  I had multiple orgasms just using that heel.  The feel of the material against my face, nipples and genital was so soft and accommodating.  The heel was just the right size for my entrance.
I now own over 200 pairs of extra high heeled Stilettos.  I go for the newest styles and I don’t keep them for more than 1 year maximum. I sleep with at least 4 different ones at nights.
Jamey (NY)
Dear Jamey: All I can say is wow!  On a more serious note, I hope you have had your child/children already because your stilettos will not be able to allow for reproduction.  Ensure that you have thoroughly cleansed those heels to prevent germs and bacteria.  I hope those heels do not cause severe damage  or get stucked in the process of penetration.  All the best.
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