Dear Mckoy: Sleeping With My Brothers Partners

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Dear Mckoy: Sleeping With My Brothers Partners- I’m 42 years old and believe I have a weakness for the sweetness of women.
I’m the eldest of six brothers and have managed to sleep with all my brothers’ girlfriends and wives.
This demon in me has been leading me ever since my uncle took away my girlfriend for me while I was about 18 years old. I was madly in love with my first girlfriend, who is now the mother of my uncle’s two children.
Since then, I have been heartlessly sleeping with my brother’s wives. None of my brothers are aware of my actions and their wives seem to be very secretive so it gives me more drive to continue sleeping with them every chance I get.
But for some reason, my youngest brother who is 20 years old and recently got married to his 25 years old wife has become a bit suspicious as he caught me off guard as I was staring at his wife’s ass. He then told me that he knows what I’m doing and thinks I’m mentally ill.
I’m starting to believe so myself. As I am not attracted to any other women besides my brothers’ wives.
I need some advice.
Mark, St Elizabeth.
Dear Mark: I can understand why you have developed this unhealthy behavior. However, it has obviously gotten out of control and it is good that you realize the extent of your behavior. Continuing like this will result in harm to the relationships between you and your brothers, and their marriages.
I suggest that to overcome your earlier trauma and cease this behavior you seek professional help. In this time you should refrain from any more sexual interactions with them, especially your youngest brother’s wife.

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