Dear McKoy: Should I Tell My Ex’s Girlfriend That We Are Still Sleeping Together?

Dear McKoy: My child’s father left me for another woman but keeps coming back to my house for sex. I feel like the tables have turned and I am now the other woman in his life. He left about four months ago when I found out about her and we got into a big argument. I got suspicious when I realize he was up most night texting. I decided to check his phone and sure enough, they were messages and nude photos being shared between them.

I was devastated when I found out and to make matters worst he told me he was in love and wanted to be with her. He gave up our relationship for this woman. In spite of this, he cheats on her with me. He comes to visit us every weekend, but never sleeps over. We have sex, we text, he sends pictures, but I feel like he is using me for his own selfish purposes. He is exploiting her too, and I want her to know how it feels to be cheated on.

I have kept all the sex texts and pictures he has been sending me and I am tempted to send them to his new girl.




Dear Nicole: Of course, it’s easy to vent your rage at your child’s father towards his new girlfriend, but hurting her will get you nowhere. It may potentially push him away for good. So you must choose what you truly desire. Will your actions affect the relationship between him and his child? Do you want to remain the other woman, or do you want a decent committed relationship?

Bottom line, this man does not seem like someone who wants to commit to anyone. He is selfish and you must respect yourself enough to find a respectable man who truly loves you. Ensure he takes care of his child and break off the sexual relationship with him.  You don’t have to disclose anything to his new girlfriend, time will take care of that for you. 




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