Dear McKoy: Should I Sleep with my Neighbor’s 17-year-old Son?

Dear McKoy: I am a 45-year-old married woman and I am falling for my neighbor’s 17-year-old son. He lives with his mother and sometimes he comes over to use my computer for schoolwork. Since the lockdown, he started coming over more frequently. I notice the way he stares at me when I am around him. One day he sent me a WhatsApp message telling me that he loves me and I shouldn’t tell anyone. To be honest I was surprise and happy at the same time. Happy because at least I didn’t make the first move. I keeping thinking about me and him in bed but at the same time I feel guilty. My sex life with my husband is boring and I cant help but think what it would be like with someone this young and vibrant. What do you think I should do?




Dear Tamika: Your situation is not uncommon. Getting the attention of someone much younger is flattering and can be an additional self confidence boost. However, In this situation you must make your decision based on morals and the consequences of your action. Do not allow your sexual desires to overpower you by having sexual relations with young man. You may be infatuated with him because your needs are not being fulfilled in your marriage. Sit down with your husband and discuss ways of resolving what is lacking in your conjugal life. If that doesn’t work seek professional help. 

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