Dear McKoy: Should I Rekindle with My Ex?

Dear McKoy: I broke up with my boyfriend, but I found out I was pregnant last week and I’m wondering if I should rekindle my relationship. The thing is, I was cheating on him so it’s a possibility that the baby isn’t his. However, he’s more established and financially stable. I still have feelings for him and everything, but we broke up because he had trust issues. Of course, he was right not to trust me, but I’ll never admit to that. What would you do in such a situation? Should I leave him be and do a DNA test when the baby is born or should I try to make it work even though the baby might not be his?

Dear L.A.: Be a grownup and exercise honesty. It’s absolutely crazy to be carrying on the rigmarole. Also, it seems like you have a loyalty problem. So, leave that man alone and if the baby is his, you can co-parent. Please do not allow the child to grow up in a toxic environment. It won’t benefit him/her.

1 thought on “Dear McKoy: Should I Rekindle with My Ex?”

  1. You cheated and got pregnant and you still can’t be honest my dear you are not a good person. You just want your ex back because he’s more established. You are a wicked woman

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