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Dear McKoy: She left me for a car man

Dear McKoy: She left me for a car man– My girlfriend of 5 years recently left me for the most ridiculous reason and I can’t get over it. I wanted to marry this girl and have a family but I was waiting until I acquired certain assets like a house and car. Currently, I’m renting and I’ve been saving as much as I can to buy a car next year. I also took care of all the bills in the home while she cooked, clean etc. even though I was covering all the bills, she still asked for a “maintenance allowance” and even though it was expensive, I gave it to her because I loved her. I realized couple months ago she became distant but I didn’t have time to think too deeply into it because I’m working for a promotion. Anyway, about 3 weeks ago she came clean about another man in the picture. She said he’s rich and has all the assets she can also use. She moved out and left me so heartbroken. I don’t know how I’ll recover. She said she was tired of taking buses and taxis but all she had to do was wait until I saved enough money. I cry everyday. What can I do to get over this?

Dear J.F.,
I’m sorry about this but that girl wasn’t for you. She was a leech who didn’t have anything to offer. You don’t need her. There are independent women out there who build with their men then you have those like this one who have nothing to contribute. It is her loss, not yours. Take this period to focus on yourself before you even think about dating again. Make sure you have a solid support system and do things you enjoy to keep your mind occupied. All the best.
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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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