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Dear McKoy: Scared of My Abusive Ex


Dear McKoy: Scared of My Abusive Ex I recently fled from an abusive relationship. I had been in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend for 8 years and the beatings started 6 months into the relationship. I had tried to get away several times but he always catches me and beat me even worst.

My neighbors had heard and never done anything to help me. They usually hide and video-record everything. It’s had been 3 weeks now since I have escaped his claws and I am constantly looking over my shoulders because I am scared.

What can I do to protect myself?

-Domestic Abuse Victim


Dear Domestic Abuse Victim,

If you are being abused, it is possible to seek the protection of the courts in stemming the physical or the mental harm you are facing. Based on laws, the court is obligated under the Domestic Violence Act to grant you protection or restraining order if you are being stalked or ill-treated.

I would recommend reaching out to a legal aid lawyer for assistance in getting a restraining order. If your ex violates this order he can be detained. All the best!


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