Dear McKoy: Pregnant for my Professor

Dear McKoy,

I’m pregnant for my professor and he’s adamant that I keep the baby even though he has a wife and children already. I am just 20 and he’s near 50. His children are around the same age as me and I’ve really started to question why I bothered to get involved with somebody like this. I can’t tell my parents, they would be too upset and I can’t tell my friends cause I’m scared they’ll judge me. I keep having thoughts of hurting myself so I can have a miscarriage, but I can’t bring myself to do it. He had started to talk about buying baby items and our “future” and I just hate it. I don’t want this baby. For some reason, he’s very excited and it makes me cringe even more. Tell me what you think I should do.


Dear R.D.,

This man has seemingly accepted responsibility for his actions despite the circumstances and that is a good sign. If you have a baby now, it doesn’t mean your life is over. You still have a future ahead of you. However, if you insist on having an abortion, talk to him and try to reach an agreement. I only hope that you’ll remain healthy and safe.


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