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Dear Mckoy,  I am 19yrs old and a member of a specific church in the parish of Manchester where I have been in a relationship with my pastor since I was 18 yrs old. We have been having unprotected sex and now I am pregnant with his baby he is telling me that he wants me to migrate and he’s willing to cover my expenses because he’s married and his wife is also a member of the same church.

I told him I can’t just leave like that because am presently attending the UWI and have to finish my studies, now he’s insisting that I either migrate or have an abortion. I am almost 5mths pregnant and I don’t believe in abortion. I am confused and not sure what to do

Unknown. Manchester.

Dear Unknown,
Both You and your pastor are to be ashamed of yourselves. Just like he have gotten you pregnant he could have given you STDs. Having sex exposes you to pregnancy and STDs so you should have both been aware of the possibilities and exercised the use of a condom since he did not want a child with you. I suggest you bring your child and ensure he takes care of it. 


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