Dear McKoy: Pregnant for My Lecturer and He Doesn’t Want to Own it

Dear McKoy: I was having a relationship with one of my lecturers and now I’m pregnant, but he refuses to own it. He says that I probably had a younger boyfriend and he’s not the father. This man and I always had raw sex and even when I had sex with other people, I always used protection. I’m not sure what to do because my parents were very adamant about getting married before I had a baby. They would even be surprised that I’m not a virgin. This is all so confusing. I’m not sure if I should do an abortion, but I can’t afford that. He has stopped responding to my messages. I feel so used. He told me that he loved she cared about me so this is all very unexpected. I was supposed to be wrapping up my degree now and this should’ve been my main focus, but here I am.

Dear D.M.: This is a matter you can take up legally if he refuses to support the child. If you really want help, you may have to tell your parents or a trusted source so they can help you get to him. I want you to still pursue your studies and finish strong. This isn’t the end of your journey. Please let me know how things progress.
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