Dear Mckoy: Pregnant For My Husband’S Nephew

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Dear Mckoy: Pregnant For My Husband’S Nephew–  I am writing this letter feeling ashamed of myself.  I am  34 years old and pregnant for my husband’s 23 years old nephew.
My husband works overseas but comes home every six months.
He has a nephew who is from the country and has been living with us for a while now and would assist me while my husband is away on work.During my husband’s last visit his nephew and I were having a drink just after we dropped off my husband at the airport.
We both got tipsy and carried away.After the moment we discussed it and promised to keep it between us. Unfortunately, we kept repeating it. I later found out I’m pregnant so we decided to stop.

Now the problem is my husband is due to return home again and I’m 6 months pregnant for his nephew.  Even though my husband is returning home believing my unborn child belongs to him. The nephew and I know it’s not.  Guilt is taking a toll on me.  I’m not sure what to do.

St. Best.

Dear St Best: Your story is very interesting. But let me briefly say.  You are one careless woman.  You have no excuse for sleeping with your husband’s nephew. You are right to be ashamed of yourself.  

You have one of three choices,
1- you tell your husband the truth and face the consequences and losses.
2- you wait until the child is born, you have a DNA done to be sure who the father is.
3- you pack up and go on to the country back with the nephew and leave this hardworking husband of yours to let him find happiness elsewhere.  Whichever your choice is.

Good luck.

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