Dear Mckoy: Pregnant For My Husband’s Friend

Dear Mckoy: My Husband Penis is Dead
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Dear Mckoy: Pregnant For My Husband’s Friend–  I  recently met a man online and after a year of conversations. He recently decided to visit me in Jamaica.
What I did not know was that he is a friend of my husband, that I have been married to for the past five years.
Nevertheless, I was already sleeping with him by the time I found out about the connection he has with my husband. With the intercourse being so good I continued. He later returned home.
I went to my doctor for my routine checkup and found out that I am pregnant. This will be my first child and I have always wanted to have children.
I called and informed him about it. During the call, he told me that since I’m a married woman it will be better that I give it to my husband. I’m confused and not sure what to do.
Kim.   St Andrew.
Dear Kim,
You did not provide enough insight into the situation and the people involved to provide the best solution.
However, from the information given I advise that you think about what you want for you, your relationship and your child. 
Since the friend made no indication of wanting to be involved in the child’s life, the decision affects you and your marriage. 
If you want to stay with your husband and have the child then you have to decide if your marriage can withstand that change. You can either tell him about the baby and that you want to work past it or keep it a secret if you feel it would be better for you. 
My recommendation is to be honest with him so that you both know what you’re getting into and prevent any future misunderstandings.

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