Dear Mckoy. I am 23 and pregnant for my cousin. He and I met at a party and was having fun. After the party, we decided to sleep with each other. For me, it was supposed to be just a one night stand, fun after a boozy night and went our separate ways.
About a month later I found out I was pregnant and contacted the guy informing him of my pregnancy. He asks that we meet and directed me to his house. When I got there I saw my aunt and other cousins, surprised seeing them there I learn that he’s my aunt son and I am pregnant for my cousin. My aunt says I should carry the baby I wouldn’t be the first to share a child with a cousin.
I am embarrassed. I don’t know what to do.

Unknown.  Parish.

Dear Unknown,
I will briefly say, your aunt is right about you not being the first to share a child with a cousin. It’s a very common situation, not saying its right! But it does happen. I would also suggest you keep your child and be more careful next time going to bed with strangers. 


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