Dear McKoy: Pregnant for My Boyfriend’s Enemy

Dear McKoy: I’ve been cheating on my boyfriend with one of his enemies and now I’m pregnant for him. If my boyfriend finds out, he might harm me and this is something I think about day and night. Naturally, he thinks the baby is his because in his view I’m faithful. I match the stereotypical good girl profile, but he doesn’t know I have another side to me. I met the guy a few months after I started dating my boyfriend, but I didn’t know they were rivals until I was deep in. By that time, I had already fallen for both of them and it would’ve been too hard to separate. I knew it was dangerous but I persisted. The rightful father says I should leave my boyfriend and be with him, but my boyfriend has more street cred and will never harm me and him if he finds out. I don’t know what to do.

Dear D.H.: It’s a tough spot to be in but you might want to leave while you’re ahead and avoid getting hurt. Deceiving your boyfriend will no doubt come back to bite you, but I think you should separate yourself from him and be with family and friends during this time. Please be careful.

5 thoughts on “Dear McKoy: Pregnant for My Boyfriend’s Enemy”

  1. Whey yuh mean if him find out????? Yuh mean when him find out….. Yuh too cockynatious! Issa jacket yuh waah give yuh good good Street credit man wicked gyal! Mi nuh business if yuh waah sex all ten man, an di whole ten breed yuh, a ur hole miss….but when yuh talk bout betrayal den dat naaa cut it. A wah kina advice yuh cudda want??? When di damage already dun?? A woman like you mek di man dem a yard kill off di women dem suh cause unnu bloodclaaat bad wid unnu cratches! Even if yuh hole a bite yuh fi sex, yuh nuh strap up wid di cheater man den… yuh sex di 2 a dem raw…..loooo wicked gyal gwey mon.

  2. You is a wicked gal from hell sad to say but one a dem muss kill u how can u betray u man like that a guess u a walk wid u pums on u forehead u is a walking dead

  3. She should leave to some family member’s place and try work out sorrows from there..She should not think of going back to her original man.

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