Dear McKoy: Planning on Marrying a Woman, But I’m in Love with a Man

Dear McKoy: I’m about to get married to a woman but I’m in love with a man who I’ve been having an affair with. He understands me so well, he’s attractive, financially stable and we have great sex. The woman I’m marrying is alright. Standard successful woman, but I just don’t like women. I’m marrying her to cover up my sexuality but I don’t know if I can follow through with this. To make matters worse, I have to be lowkey because Jamaicans are so homophobic. McKoy, I cry every night in silence because I feel trapped. Please tell me what you think.

Dear L.B.: Don’t waste your time and the woman’s time by being deceptive. It’s not going to end well. Break things off and go live your life. Do not string anybody along.

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