Dear Mckoy: ' One Man Can't Satisfy Me'

Dear Mckoy: ‘ One Man Can’t Satisfy Me’

Dear Mckoy: ‘ One Man Can’t Satisfy Me’ – I am a married woman and my husband just cannot satisfy me.  I am always in heat and he cannot cope with my needs.

I have this little side man who is very young.  He has a lot of stamina and can give me a good hour session and go on and on.  Now this young man is very good in the bed bit I have to be stealing my husband money to care for him, so basically I have to ‘mine’ him.  I have to be paying this young man to give me what my husband was created to give me.


Dear G

Instead of being a cougar, either you teach your husband what to do or you go to a counselor.  Why are you paying for services that are free of cost provided by your husband?  Stop it now, repent and seek God.

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