Dear Mckoy: Obsession with my Teacher

Dear Mckoy: Obsession with my Teacher – I’ll be 17 years old in a few days. I attend a private school in Kingston. Since I was about 14, I have been very obsessed with one of my teachers. Sometimes I would sit badly in class just so he could look under my uniform.

As the years passed I noticed my obsession has become stronger.  I’m a straight A student so my teacher tends to pay keen attention to me.  But I am so obsessed that sometimes the urges I get I just want to grab and kiss him or place his hands in my clothes.

I am a virgin but often times masturbate about my teacher. And get very jealous whenever I see him talking with other females.
What should I do?

Ash.  Kingston.

Dear Ash.
                Your story is somehow interesting.  But my advice is that you should stop being so focused on your teacher and pay more attention to your education.
Based on your story, It’s obvious your teacher only wants the best for you and that may be the reason he pays keen attention to you, just to ensure you’re keeping up with your studies.

What I also suggest is that if you’re close to your mother, you could try talking to her about your Obsession with this teacher, she may be able to help you get passed it.

Good Luck.

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