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Dear McKoy: My Obeahman Curse My Neighbor

My Obeahman Curse My Neighbor

My Obeahman Curse My Neighbor


Dear McKoy,

“I recently went to see an Obeahman to make sure that my neighbour starts minding her own business. My neighbour is super nosey. so I had him do something to make her stop.

Recently she had a stroke and has lost the ability to talk clearly. Everybody in the community is saying they know that I did it.

Do you think I should feel bad about my nosey neighbour? Would it be a bad thing if I taught the others a lesson too?

Do you think I should leave them to time or should I go back to the Obeahman to get them to stop?”

– S.T

Response: Dear S.T, so are you going to Obeah for me too, if I tell you my opinion? It seems people are not allowed to have opinions that differ from yours and I don’t feel like paying any Obeahman to undo your Obeahman. So please take your question to “Ask Me Pastor” or someone who can box dung duppy and them things there.

Stop going to Obeah men. There is always a price to be paid when you mess with the spiritual world, it will turn on you too in time.McKoy

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