Dear Mckoy,
I am 29 years of age and been involved with an Obeah man. Ever since I started going bed with him I started doing things I never dreamt of doing.

I think I have become his sex slave. I want to stop but every time I try to stop I feel like am being drawn closer to him wanting him more than I would desire for a normal man.

Whenever I see him and tell myself am not going to have sex with him, I find myself just craved with an extra urge I can’t resist. I playfully told him am not having sex with him anymore and he said I got jokes I can’t stop.
I am scared I don’t know what to do.

K B  Jamaica.

Dear KB.

I must say you have placed yourself in a hole only you can get yourself out of.
But I do suggest you should just stop visiting him and he may leave you alone.  


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