Dear McKoy: Not sure if I should move in with him

Dear McKoy,

I am a single mother who has recently started dating this guy with a whole lot of money. He wants to take my son and I in but I’m scared he might try to exploit me or something. I’m cautious about us especially after my baby’s father tried to hurt us multiple times. He’s in prison right now for that. He could take care of us financially and offer a sense of stability but I’m still skeptical. He’s divorced and has a teenage daughter who lives with her mother. I really want to try this but I’m scared. What if I get pregnant again? I want a fresh start at life but I want to know if you think it would be wise to give him a chance.


Dear E.R.,

You have all right to be careful especially in these times. My advice is to take it slow and see what he’s all about before moving in with him. People show their true colours after a while. I really hope he’s genuine though.


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