Dear Mckoy: No Man Wants Me

Dear Mckoy:  I am a very educated, well-spoken young lady, but my problem is, I am fat and not so easy on the eyes.

Whenever men hear my voice on the phone, they are attracted to it, but when they meet me in person, they are disappointed.  I have tried dating sites and posted my pics and nobody responded to me.

I am so sad and lonely because I am 32 years old and still a virgin.  I want to experience what it feels like to be loved and have sexual encounters.  When I read the urban fiction books and they describe the strong body men, I get so jealous of the females (even though it’s not real).  I even tried paying a man to be with me, but he would not go out in the public with me so I had to call it off.  I am afraid of plastic surgeries; I just want someone to love me for me.


Dear Anonymous: I would suggest that you invest some time in building your self esteem.  God created each of us in his own image and there is that special person for you out there. 

You said you ate reading about ‘strong body’ men; maybe those are not the type of men for you.  You may be overlooking the person for you by spending time fantasizing over these type of men.  Build up your self-confidence and prepare yourself for the right person who is out there for you.  All the best.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Mckoy: No Man Wants Me”

    1. You did saw that she said that she was not easy on the eyes. That means she is not the best in the looks department. Some people are fat and cute, but when you are hit with a double whammy. It hard!!! Her only salvation is if she had money.

  1. Did you know that 87% of black women are fat and overweight. Her problems are she is fishing in the wrong pond. Like most women they are attracted to tall, dark or light skin men, who are physically fit. It’s like her serial market place value is a 4 and she is looking for guys who are 7 and above. She needs to look for guys who are 5 and below and she will see a better outcome.

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