Dear McKoy: My Wife Wants to Experience a Bigger Penis Than Mine

Dear McKoy: My wife says she is getting tired of using big sex toys and wants to try the real thing. I thought our sex life was excellent, but she seems to have lost interest in the last few months. When we have sex, she complains that I don’t “hit the spot” because I’m too little to satisfy her.

The situation wasn’t that bad when she started using the sex toys, but she has taken it to another level by blatantly suggesting that she wants to try men with bigger penises. On top of that, she has a lot of photos of well-endowed men on her phone, and I’ve discovered she’s been talking to men on some sex sites.

One of the men that she frequently chats with she calls him “big daddy”. In the messages, I see where they plan to meet up and have sex. I was stunned, I had never expected her to do something like this. When I confronted her about it, she didn’t even seem embarrassed, instead, she got upset and said I shouldn’t pry in the first place and boldly told me she wanted to try him.

If she follows through with it, I’m concerned that she will enjoy being with this man, which could mark the end of our marriage. I really love her and I don’t want to lose her. She says I worry too much and claims she just wants this guy for sex only. I am so depressed right now.




Dear Damion: She made the decision to marry you and involving another man in the relationship could lead to disaster. Marriage is more than simply sex and having a happy sex life does not require a large penis. Size is not the key to female orgasm. Only a small percentage of women can experience orgasm through intercourse.

Tell your wife that she must stop using these websites and talking to these men, or you will have no choice but to consider ending the marriage. If she wants to continue behaving in this manner and you can’t live with it, then the best option would be divorce. 


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