Dear McKoy: My Wife Left Me for My Brother

Dear McKoy: My wife cheated on me then left me for my brother and I’ve started some self-destructive habits like drinking and smoking. I’ve even gotten more promiscuous but it’s not fulfilling cause those girls mean nothing to me. My brother and her have moved in together and needless to say my family is divided because of this. She said she was always in love with him and she only married me for status cause I’m richer and in a higher position. However, I actually loved her. This has been very hard on me and I feel like a failure. I’m trying my best not to go deeper into depression but it’s hard.

Dear R.C.: You should seek therapy and deal with these emotions head on instead of bottling them. If she left you, she simply wasn’t the right one and as harsh as it sounds, she just saved your time by walking away with her ill intentions. You will rise again. Take the time to heal and love yourself. Seek support. Exercise, eat right and spend time with loved ones. You will be OK.

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