Dear McKoy: My Wife is Turning into a Witch

Dear McKoy: My wife has been acting strangely for the past two months, and I’m not sure what’s going on. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and hear her muttering some strange words while sitting on the floor with weird objects and vials in front of her. There are times when she gets up very early in the morning and sprinkle various oils and powder around the house. I asked what was the purpose of doing these things and she claims that she generally prays at night, and the things she sprinkles around are meant to anoint our house and ward off evil spirits. The fact that she behaves more like a witch than a Christian does not convince me. She also has a strange collection of artifacts that she keeps locked away in a closet in our room. I think whatever she is doing is evil and I don’t want to be a part of it.




Dear Steve: This is not an easy topic because it affects the family that you and your partner are creating. Ensure that your wife understands that you do not approve of what she does, and that she must stop. People do not pray late at night, seated on the floor, mumbling odd things. Prayer is more about trust in God, than it is about faith in some strange substances that should be splattered over the house.  

People who use black magic are frequently hysterical and believe that others intend to harm them. At the moment, she may be interested in scaring away evil spirits, but with time, she will shift her focus to activities aimed at stopping other women from stealing you.

These things situation usually begin innocent at first and then escalate. Right now, she is merely sprinkling liquids throughout the house; however, over time, she may begin bringing in more frightening items such as snakes , dead frogs etc.

You don’t want to be around when this happens, and she may eventually persuade you to join her. Black magic is associated with deeply ingrained ideas and practices that are difficult to undo. Get a counsellor for her, and explain what has been going on. She needs spiritual and psychological help. 

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  1. I’m not sure about this advice. People’s belief are very personal. It is likely she is practicing Santeria which is an African religion that is practiced in the Caribbean. Discuss with her, though she may be timid to discuss. I don’t think you’ll get very far if you discount her beliefs but you should open your mind and heart to what she has to say and try to be understanding. If she isn’t hurting anyone I don’t think you should force your beliefs on her.

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