Dear McKoy: My Wife Found Another Woman’s Panty in Her Car

Dear McKoy,

My wife found another woman’s panties in her car that she lent me and now we are sleeping in separate beds. The thing is, the panties belong to her best friend with whom I have been having an affair for almost a year. I am not sure if she left them on purpose or by accident; I worse don’t know how to explain who the panties belong to. Do I lie that it is another woman or come clean? If I tell her it’s her friend, she may kill both of us. She has been waiting on me to come around and explain what happened but I’m so nervous. I feel dumb for having sex in her car. I have spoken to the friend since and she isn’t too concerned. She said she has wanted me for a long time. I do not know how to get out of this one. I am never keeping more than one woman again.


Dear R.B.,

You need to be honest with her so that woman can go seek better for herself. You and her so-called friends do not deserve her. I hope you got her car cleaned. 


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