Dear McKoy: My Twin Sister Sleeps with my Boyfriend

Dear McKoy: My Twin Sister Sleeps with my Boyfriend – I am a 27 years old identical twin to my sister,  who I presently share living quarters with. We have been living together all our lives.

Now my problem is, my sister keeps sleeping with my boyfriends. Every time I find a boyfriend that treats me good my twin seduces them to sleep with her. And causes my relationship.
I always forgive her and she promises not to do it again.

This time I met a man who liked me very much and he decided to rent me a place of my own. Eventually, he engaged to me. I told my sister and for some reason, I believe she was a little jealous.
But she is my sister so I ignored the signs. But keeping my eyes open.

Then some time ago I left my man at the house and went to my hairdresser to have my hair done. When I got home I saw my sister sitting over my man telling him I don’t have to know.

I was so upset I started fighting her. My boyfriend intervened and said nothing happened between them but he is not comfortable with her coming to the house whenever he’s there.
And she’s my twin so he rather stays away.

Yes, I love my sister as she is half of me.  But I can’t live with this anymore and I refuse to destroy my relationship with this man because of her.
I’m not sure what to do.

Depressed Twin Jamaica.

Dear Depressed Twin.
        I do understand that she is your identical twin sister and you love her.  But it appears to me that she is somehow jealous of your relationships.
And that isn’t a healthy attitude.

Also, remember your grown adults and are no longer sharing living quarters. so my advice to you is that you should set a rule on her visiting your home whenever you are not there.

But do not allow her to destroy your relationship with this man. At least he respected you enough to resist her seduction.
Always remember your happiness comes first.

Good Luck.

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